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Aluminum is a gray, light, resistant and robust metal which makes it one of the most used in industry and crafts. Much used in the aeronautics, transport and construction sectors, it is a metal that is very little subject to corrosion, very malleable and has very good thermal and electrical conductivity.

IDMM's know-how in aluminum machining allows us to support our customers and advise them on the grade of aluminum to use so that the final product meets their expectations and needs.

Examples of aluminum parts

Pièces en aluminium pour le secteur de l'aéronautique
Pièces en aluminium pour le secteur du médical
Pièces en aluminium pour le secteur de la défense

Stainless steel / Stainless steel

Stainless steel, also called stainless steel, is an iron-carbon-based alloy containing less than 1.2% carbon. This steel is composed with more than 10.5% of Chromium which gives it the properties of being insensitive to corrosion and of not rusting. Stainless steel is used in many fields such as medicine, surgery, buildings, shipbuilding, automotive, aeronautics, tooling and even mechanical industries. This metal has properties that make it fully recyclable.

Expert in the machining of stainless steel, IDMM supports industrial sectors where this metal is a material of choice such as the aeronautic or medical sector.

Examples of stainless steel / stainless steel parts

Pièces en acier inoxydable / inox pour le secteur de l'aéronautique
Pièces en acier inoxydable / inox pour le secteur du médical
Pièces en acier inoxydable / inox pour le secteur du médical


Titanium is a light, strong metal with a metallic white appearance. It is often used in different alloys requiring its properties. The main fields using this metal are medical, aeronautics, optics, etc. Titanium is an interesting metal because it is resistant to corrosion, resistant to water and fire erosion, biocompatible and has many mechanical properties that allow the manufacture of thin and light parts.

IDMM is a specialist in precision machining on titanium and guarantees its customers high precision and high quality parts.

Examples of titanium parts

Pièces en titane pour le secteur du médical
Pièces en titane pour le secteur de l'aéronautique

Pure iron

Pure iron is a category of iron with a content greater than 99.85%. This metal has excellent electrical and magnetic properties. Pure iron is often used in the fields of aeronautics and railways.

At IDMM, our expertise allows us to know how to perfectly machine pure iron and to manufacture parts that meet the specifications of our customers.

Examples of pure iron parts

Pièces en fer pur pour le secteur de l'aéronautique
Pièces en fer pur pour le secteur de l'aéronautique

Filled plastics (PEEK, PPS)

At IDMM, we work on two types of filled or polymer plastics, PEEK and PPS.

PEEK or Polyetheretherketone is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with low moisture absorption, low coefficient of friction and temperature resistance ranging from -40 ° C to + 250 ° C while retaining its properties and mechanical strength. Due to this property, PEEK is one of the best thermoplastics in the world. This plastic also has excellent chemical resistance it's used in the fields of medicine, aeronautics, electronics and automotive.

PPS or Poly is a thermostable semi-crystalline polymer resistant to a temperature of up to 240 ° C. This plastic has fire resistance and very low water absorption. Due to these properties, PPS is often used in the fields of electronics, automotive, medical and aeronautics.

Plastic machining has been a specialization for many years at IDMM, through our know-how, and we guarantee our customers the manufacture of quality parts.


Brass is yellow non-ferrous alloys which consist of copper and zinc in varying proportions.


These alloys are very ductile and malleable and are made directly from ores. Brass can contain other elements like lead, tin, nickel, chromium and magnesium, and they are very easy to machine, but relatively brittle compared to other alloys. Depending on the grade of brass chosen, the physical properties may be different, for example, a brass composed of 90% copper and 10% zinc will have a heat resistance of up to 900 ° C and a thermal conductivity of about 121 W M − 1 K − 1

Lead-free brasses are alloys that do not contain lead which makes them more environmentally friendly. These alloys, which are more complicated to machine, nevertheless have high strength.

IDMM has been manufacturing brass for many years and we are able to support and advise you in the choice of the grade of this alloy to choose for the design of your parts.


The superalloys also called high performance alloy is a metal alloy which has good resistance to high temperature creep, good resistance to corrosion and oxidation, good surface stability and which has excellent mechanical strength. Superalloys are often made from nickel, cobalt, iron, titanium or aluminum. This alloy is often used in the fields of aeronautics or energy.

IDMM uses superalloys for the manufacture of parts dedicated to the aeronautics sector.


Nickel is a non-ferrous silvery white metal that is among the hardest metals after Chromium, it is tenacious, ductile and malleable. The mechanical properties of nickel are very similar to iron, because it can be rolled and drawn into a fairly fine wire.


Nickel is ferromagnetic and is a good conductor of heat and electricity.


Ferronickel is a ferroalloy, which corresponds to a metallic material of varying purity, but with a predominant iron content and a nickel content ranging from 20% to 40%. Ferronickel has particular properties of expansion, magnetism and corrosion resistance. This ferroalloy has high magnetic permeability and low hysteresis.


Tungsten is a gray-steel-white transition metal that has the physical characteristic of being very heavy, very hard and refractory with a melting point of 3422 ° C. This metal is a good conductor of electricity and heat, it has excellent corrosion resistance and forms a protective oxide layer when exposed to air.

Other metals and alloys

IDMM can machine other metals and alloys according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or special requests we are at your disposal!

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