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Finishing & Control

The finishes are an important step in the manufacturing process of our company, each of the parts that we produce goes through our finishing workshop so that they are checked and adjusted as needed. The quality of the parts we manufacture is paramount, the finish and control ensure that the parts meet the customer's requirements.

Finishes and treatments at IDMM

Ebavurage sous binoculaires

Deburring under binoculars

IDMM has a team in charge of deburring parts under binoculars who carry out various retouching on the parts so that they have no defects and are of the best possible quality for the customer.



A team is responsible for microbeading which consists of projecting microbeads on the parts, with the aim of stripping them without damaging them. This surface treatment process allows the parts to be satin-finished. Within IDMM, microbeading is carried out on manual, semi-automatic and robotic stations.

tribofinition / trovalisation

Tribofinishing / Trovalisation

The tribofinishing also called trovalisation, is a process which allows to modify the state of the edges and surfaces of the parts. An abrasive mixture is put into vibratory, oscillatory or rotary motion around the parts which are immersed in it. This process makes it possible to clean, strip, deburr, polish, and give a mat effect to the parts.

Waste management is handled by a wastewater plant integrated into our factory.

Gravage laser pièces usinés

Laser engraving & micro-percution

Laser engraving is used in our company according to the customer's needs. IDMM offers this service with the following possibilities:

  • Text engraving

  • Number engraving

  • Image engraving

  • Datamatrix engraving

  • ...

Controls at IDMM

A whole team is dedicated to the final control within our company so that the delivered products correspond completely to the expectations of the customers as well in terms of quality as in terms of precision and finishes.

Controls are done in several forms:

  • Appearance checks

  • Coast checks

  • Material checks

Each batch of parts is checked before sending and allows IDMM to guarantee the best possible quality.

Contrôle final

For any questions or information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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