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Bar turning

Bar turning consists of making parts using a machining process by removing material from bars and using a cutting tool. This technology makes it possible to produce small diameters over long lengths, which is impossible to achieve on other machines such as turning machines. The current machines are equipped with rear spindles which avoids the resumption of parts. The parts manufactured by this process are made one after the other in the bar and this allows to reach a precision and a high productivity.

At IDMM, we have a fleet of multi-spindle machines dedicated to CNC bar turning. This machine park is suitable for producing parts with dimensions from 1 to 32mm and series of 100 to 10,000 parts per year.

Décolleteuse IDMM

The materials used to manufacture parts on bar turning machines are:

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless steels

  • Filled plastics (PEEK, PPS)

  • Titanium

  • Copper alloys

  • Ferro-nickel

Thanks to the various services within our company, IDMM supports you in order to offer you a tailor-made global solution ranging from prototyping to the delivery of serial parts.


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