Our skills

The turning allows to manufacture cylindrical parts by removing chips on a bar material that turns. For this we have a CNC turn.

The choice of metals to obtain parts with desired properties, as well as good tolerances that produce parts adapted to the geometric and functional postings.


The milling is a manufacturing process which is done by removing material and which results from the combination of two movements: the rotation of the tool and the advance of the workpiece.

Swiss CNC machining

Swiss allows turned parts starting from a bar or wire to torch by material removal. Machining is obtained on automatic or semiautomatic machines. A series cutting tools to shape the raw material introduced in the machining area, according to their number, their shape and their disposal.


Deburring under binoculars – Micro-Shot Peening – Tribofinishing/vibration – Laser engraving & micro-percussion


Assembly workshop
Fitting of inserts – Crimping – Bonding


CNC 3, 4 & 5 axes CNC
Capacity : 4 machines – Batch size : 1 to 25 parts – Parts dimensions : 350 mm/side – Materials used : aluminium, stainless steel……

Our activity areas

Cockpit, Cabin, Electric core distribution, Outer lighting, Fluid management, Hydraulics, Engine, Landing gear, Seats


Ammunitions components, Optic fiber connectors : soldiers of the future, Components for infrared goggles


Components for blood analyses automats, Dental parts, Components for orthopedics, Components for ophtalmology


Optic fiber connector, Circular connector

Other industries

Components for ink jet industrial printers, Components for robots, Fluid connectors, Instrumentation tools, Electronics, Components for spectrometers

Our Company

IDMM France

IDMM Mexico

Specialized in precision machining with computer numerical control in turning, milling and swiss machining, our company is located in Dole (France) and Obregon (Mexico).

We work on your projects from the study phase through to the provision of serial parts using all sorts of materials: Aluminium, Stainless steel, Titanium, Polymers, Brass…

We are certified: ISO9001, EN9100, ISO13485.

IDMM is positioned on leading-edge products in such fields as aeronautics, medical, aerospace and defence…

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France :

Z.A. des Grandes Epenottes
13 Rue Henri Jeanrenaud
BP 236
39102 Dole CEDEX France
Tél. : +33 (0)3 84 82 46 14

Mexico :

Circuito Dr. Oscar Russo Vogel # 2412, Oriente
Parque Industrial ITSON
Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, 85065

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